Services around the area

Hotel Savonia is located in Puijonlaakso approximately 2 kilometers from the center of the Kuopio. Area has good transport connections to every direction. Downtown is on a walking and cycling distance, buses going in several times in hour will take you to the downtown or to the other parts of the city. There is a short distance from the hotel for example to the Kuopios University hospital (KYS) or to the university Canthia. Puijonlaakso has a driverse shopping mall and which many different services to offer. Own area of Puijonlaakso contains doctor services, pharmacy, nurseries, youth centers, library, stores, ATM, pizzerias, hair dressers, veterinarian and a gym. Puijo tower restaurant will serve you with local cafeteria and food service. 

Close to the nature and sightseeing locations

From the proximity of the hotel you’ll find jogging trails and ski trails in winter, and the Puijo outdoor refreshment area is located within 500 meters from the hotel. Outdoor exercise opportunities in Puijonlaakso are outstanding. In Puijo there are lots of jogging trails, ski trails and guided nature trails. Puijo tower with its scenery is the most known tourist attraction. From Puijo you can also find restaurant services as well as Konttila nature center with domestic animals. Puijo baseball stadium and renewable stadion area give more diversity to Puijos exercise and sports activities. In the verge of the area Kuopio hall offers more diversity to exercise from track and field to gymnasium and climbing. Next to the Kuopio hall there are swimming hall, bowling hall and ice hall with their own services and a community college. Get familiar with Puijos sightseeing, activities and operators:


Information about public transport services and traveling you will find from info pageVilkku bicycles: more information from places and locations you will find here


Puijo tower

Puijo is the most known scenery symbol in northern savonia. Puijo is most known for its national landscape which opens from Puijo tower, which people have been admiring for the past 150 years. Tower has a souvenir shop and restaurant activities. More than 80 000 visitors from Finland and around the globe enjoy the scenery every year.



In winter APC Ski is serving with ski and equipment sales and ski maintenance. In summer they focus on bicycle maintenance and selling spare parts. Store is serving around the year. The company is also serving house renovations and transport services for relocations.


K-Market Puijon Pähkinä

Puijon Pähkinä is a convenience store at the Puijonlaakso shopping center.


Konttilan tila

Konttila is house farming and outdoor / skitrail cafeteria in Puijo. Konttila is also arranging guided tours for groups in the area of Puijo.


Bellan puisto

Bella park summer oasis is built from city golf, summer terrace and happy people – in summer 2020 from two different padel fields. Bella park is located in Siikaranta Kuopio, next to the traveling center of Saana and opposite of Hoplop



Gas station, restaurant and cabin rental services in a beautiful location by the lake. Viitostupa is located 7 kilometers to north from Siilinjärvi next to the highway 5.


Kuopion Autopalvelu

In Kuopion Autopalvelu you operate and get easily. Tires and rims, washing, services, spare parts and equipment. Also periodic inspections.


Suomen hyötyautot

Suomen Hyötyautot Ltd offers you a diverse selection of utility vehicles: vans, light trucks, specially equipped cars suitable for off-road use and working machinery. In the storage there are approximately 40-50 car selection from which you can get a car instantly to your use. With order principle we can get any utility car from Europe. We will equip van, light truck and all the other car options as the way you want.


Puijo Peak

Activities, experiences, planned services, beauty of nature an peace, primeval forest atmospehere and freshness of air. In the center of the area, one of the most known landscapes in Finland in the top of Puijo tower is located new panorama cafeteria and georgeous fully renewed 360 scenery Tower restaurant.


Puijon ravintolat

Renewed tower cafeteria services you daily. The Puijo tower resaurant is trusting in local ingredients. Nature and the producers of Savo will assure our indgredients refreshnes and tastiness. Our menu is changing throughout the season. Our pride is Puijos local food table, from where you have opportunity to taste many different local flavours. The main course and a dessert of your choice will be served to the table.


Puijon pizzeria



Puijonlaakson apteekki

Puijonlaakso pharmacy is located at street level in the service center of Puijonlaakso at the center of diverse services. From nearby the pharmacy you’ll find doctor and dental services, veterinarian and grocery stores.

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